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SGR0366 Jobber Demolition - Dolly destroys Lottie LaLay and Sheela Killer

Powerhouse Amazon Dolly is in the running for the most impressive physique on the Strong Girls Rule roster, today she is standing on the mats alongside SGR’s two resident blondes SheelaKiller & Lotte LaLay.

The two blondes are arguing about who should face Dolly and her amazing muscles, but the Hungarian Strong Women remains impassive as she picks up the two bickering smaller girls with ease one in each arm and lifts them off their feet before dumping them both to the mats in an impressive display of raw strength and power.

What follows is a pure demonstration of Dolly’s power as she easily handles the two British girls lifting them up in Racks and Lifts and then dumping them on top of each other. Collectively and individually Sheela and Lottie find themselves bearhugged by her powerful arms and scissored between her powerful legs.

They cry out in pain as Dolly repeatedly dumps them on top of each other and then plants a foot on the pair of them and flexes her impressive biceps. To add further humiliation she repeatedly wedgies them with their thong swimsuits.

Lottie and Sheela are completely dominated by her until they can take no more and an impassive Dolly plants a foot on their bodies one more time flexing in victory while they writhe on the mats destroyed by a superior and vastly stronger woman.

Dolly wears a red shiny spandex micro bikini

Lottie LaLay wears a blue shiny spandex swimsuit with blue kneepads

SheelaKiller wears a red shiny spandex swimsuit with red kneepads

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