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SGR0365 Japanese Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Eva Ray

Legendary Japanese Catfighter, Mistress Amrita has been running roughshod for a long time now over the Strong Girls Rule roster. Standing in her way today is fiery redhead Eva Ray who is determined to avoid the fate of so many other talented wrestlers and be made to relinquish her costume to Amrita.

Eva Ray is hoping that her famed flexibility will give her a fighting chance to resist Amrita’s repertoire of leg spreads, locks and unconventional attacks.

Unfortunately for Eva Ray it doesn’t help, Amrita is able to spread her legs, bend her and contort her at will, giving the Japanese catfighter unfettered access to Eva Ray’s pussy and punishing her joints and back.

All she can do is wail in pain as Amrita takes great delight in going to work punishing and degrading the younger woman. The onslaught continues unabated as Amirta traps her in leg spreads, camel clutch, grapevines, lotus locks and then goes to work giving Eva Ray wedgies and slapping her unprotected pussy.

The realisation comes to Eva Ray that she will have to relinquish her costume and Amrita confirms it and then follows through claiming yet another wrestler’s costume for her ever growing collection.

Eva Ray wears a shiny spandex red swimsuit with red and blue wrestling shoes

Mistress Amrita wears a shiny spandex black swimsuit with black wrestling shoes

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