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SGR0363 Break Him - Sabrina Jade and Sativa Mist destroy him

The Black Venue, Sativa doesn’t need any assistance to destroy men on the Strong Girls Rule mats, but today she has brought her new protege, Sabrina Jade to square off against another male challenger at SGR.

The two women tower over the male specimen as they take him down and trash talk him whilst punching him repeatedly. Sativa traps him in an armbar causing him great discomfort as she talks Sabrina through how to apply an armbar too.

After he taps Sativa sits on his face whilst Sabrina does the splits across his lower body keeping him controlled whilst punching him some more.

As the training progresses Sabrina facesits the man which allows Sativa unfettered access to his balls, as she reigns knees down upon him.Sativa demonstrates incredibly competently to the new girl how to control and dominate a man using facesits, punches, knees, ball punishment and scissorholds.When they think this pathetic specimen has had enough both women perform the splits over him flexing in victory.

Sabrina Jade wears a shiny spandex purple micro bikini

Sativa wears a shiny spandex purple micro bikini

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