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SGR0362 Dirty Tactics - Beth Bennett vs Eva Ray

A real treat today as buxom blonde, Beth Bennett is being interviewed ahead of her Strong Girls Rule match against red haired Latvian Eva Ray. However in the midst of the interview Eva Ray interrupts grabbing Beth by the hair and dragging her to the SGR mats for bad mouthing her in the interview.

Eva Ray pushes Beth down to the mats, jumps on her back and grabs a handful of hair before slamming her head down into the floor and delivers a painful wedgie pulling the thong of her shiny spandex swimsuit.]

Beth finally manages to escape from the hair pulling and wedgies and the two face off on the mats. Beth gives Eva Ray a taste of her own medicine pulling her hair and slamming her head into the mats.

It become a war of attrition using every trick in the book as they pull each other’s hair and costumes, breast smother, face sit and stink face each other. Their sexy bodies contorted in pain as they battle.

Eventually one woman gets trapped in a prolonged stinkface and has to concede defeat as her smiling conqueror flexes smiling in victory.

Beth Bennett wears a shiny black wetlook spandex swimsuit

Eva Ray wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit

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