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SGR0361 Break Her - Storm destroys Lola Rae

Today we are feeding Strong Girls Rule veteran some rookie meat in the form of SGR newbie, Lola Rae. There is nothing that Storm likes better to beating up smaller, younger rookies so today will be a good day for Storm.

Lola Rae looks very nervous as she stands on the mats opposite Storm, and with good reason as Storm easily takes her down and traps her in a camel clutch.

Little Lola Rae is going to get a wrestling schooling and a half as Storm traps her in a variety of back bending wrestling holds including camel clutches, surfboards and boston crabs. Lola Rae is like a deer in the headlights and can offer no resistance against the vastly more experienced and stronger Storm.

Lola Rae’s moans of pain only increase as she is trapped in an over the knee backbreaker and folded up by the smiling Storm before a final and excruciatingly painful headscissors spells the end for the new girl.

Lola Rae wears a shiny spandex purple bikini

Storm wears a shiny spandex silver bikini

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