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SGR0359 Japanese Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Autumn Rose

Strong Girls Rule regular, the legendary Japanese catfighter, Mistress Amrita is always on the lookout for new SGR opponents to challenge to her trademark Japanese Catfight match.

There is nothing she likes more than adding another girl’s costume to her ever increasing collection. Today her opponent is a powerful pro-wrestler and grappler, Autumn Rose who is stepping up to the challenge. Can this skilled opponent end Amrita’s underdefeated streak using her training, power and strength?

Autumn is determined not to lose her outfit and takes it to Amrita getting the Japanese legend in trouble on numerous occasions, but Mistress Amrita has not had a long and illustrious career losing to young upstarts.

These two bend each other in a massive array of holds including leglocks, leg spreads, armbars, lotus locks, boston crabs and full nelsons.

Eventually one woman can take no more after having her legs spread wide and has to relinquish her costume to the winner, but does Amrita continue her undefeated reign or does the pro wrestling upstart embarrass the Japanese Legend at her own trademark match.

Autumn Rose wears shiny gold metallic spandex swimsuit, black knee pads, shiny tights and black wrestling boots

Mistress Amrita wears a shiny black spandex swimsuit, shiny tights, black knee pads and black wrestling boots.

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