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SGR0358 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Sativa Mist destroys SheelaKiller

Unbelievably this is Sativa’s first female vs female match at Strong Girls Rule and she is determined to impress as she takes on SGR regular Sheela.

The two wrestlers chat and compare biceps and leg muscles as they prepare for battle. The taller Sativa strikes first whilst Sheela wasn’t ready and effortlessly hoists her over her shoulder with ease.

Sativa keeps her in position for a long time demonstrating her strength and taking the opportunity to slap Sheela’s ass. She dumps Sheela down to the mats and splashes down on top of her, completely knocking the stuffing from the petite feisty blonde.

Sativa then sits on Sheela’s face completely engulfing her with her ass. She grabs hold of Sheela’ ponytail so she cannot move, and slaps her ass before lifting her back up to her feet and lifting her up again. Sativa dumps her back down to the mats again and torments her with her toes.

Try as she might, Sheela cannot overcome the bigger and stronger Sativa who repeatedly traps her in headscissors, single leg bostons and other moves punishing the smaller girl.

Sheela is her plaything and eventually Sativa lifts her one last time upside down before dumping her to the mats placing a foot on her chest and flexing in victory.

Sativa wears a shiny metallic blue thong swimsuit

Sheela wears a shiny metallic red thong micro bikini

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