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SGR0357 Break Him - Laken Fire ruins him

Popular Strong Girls Rule regular, beautiful Laken normally finds herself on the losing end, so how will she fare in a SGR mixed match.

As she stands opposite her opponent Russ she talks trash to him before they lock up. He tries to push her but when she actually starts fighting back it is him who is taken to his knees by a smiling Laken in a finger locked test of strength.

Swiftly she takes his back and spreads his legs wide in a reverse grapevine while trapping him in a DragonSleeperHold. Laken looks deceptively innocent as she smiles sweetly as she punishes him.

As a dancer, Laken is incredibly flexible and she goes on a mission to see if Russ is just as flexible as she grapevines and surfboards him.

Next she tests his resistance to her powerful legs, incredibly strong from her dancing as she wraps them around his neck in tight headscissors.

Russ is completely overwhelmed and disarmed by the smiling and laughing Laken, who is obviously enjoying herself as she makes him kiss her biceps and worship her feet.

Once she is bored of playing with Russ she stamps on his balls and puts her feet on his face as she celebrates her victory.

Laken wears a shiny metallic blue spandex swimsuit with shiny stirrup tights

Russ wears shiny metallic red spandex shorts

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