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SGR0355 Break Her - Dominita destroys Chloe Toy

Since joining the Strong Girls Rule roster, Dominita has been steamrolling through the competition using her 300lbs frame and pro wrestling experience to cause absolute devastation.

We can only imagine what possessed novice, petite blonde Chloe Toy to step into the SGR ring to challenge the behemoth.

It can’t be said that Dominita doesn’t play fair and she does let Chloe get the first hit in, but it is truly pathetic and Dominita is distinctly unimpressed as she takes the blonde down to the canvas.

Dominita decides to teach the new girl a lesson by breaking her in literally with surfboards, camel clutches, boston crabs and a keister bounce.

The breath is completely knocked out of Chloe but Dominita isn’t finished and now its time to truly humiliate the rookie. There is perhaps no move more humiliating than a stinkface and Dominita is more than happy to demonstrate on Chloe pushing her ass into the blonde’s face.

Chloe is spent and in a lot of pain, but Dominita isn’t quite finished yet as she traps Chloe in a Boston crab and pulls her hair at the same time to increase the pressure on her spine.

A gloating and joyous Dominita plants a wrestling boot on Chloe’s pain wracked form and celebrates her victory.

Chloe Toy wears a shiny spandex pink micro thong bikini

Dominita wears purple lycra pro wrestling gear, black kneepads and black pro wrestling boots

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