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SGR0354 Break Him - Roxy Luffy ruins him

If any new wrestler embodies the term Strong Girls Rule, then MMA fighter and wrestler Roxy Luffy is it. We are not sure that her masked male opponent truly knew what he was letting himself in for when he stepped onto the SGR mats to face her.

Roxy means business and wastes no time at all in having him screaming in pain as she sinks in a deep arm bar, nearly pulling his arm out of the socket.

The MMA fighter simply swarms him and is on a mission to show everyone that she is a mean step-mother fucker at this guy’s expense.

We doubt he was able to get out of bed for days after the ass kicking he endures during this absolute beatdown as Roxy shows no mercy punishing him with trampling, camel clutches, scissorholds, rear naked chokes and locks all applied to inflict the maximum pain.

Where some operating at this pace would get tired or perhaps feel mercy for their witless opponent, Roxy doesn’t slow down or appear to have any compulsion to ease up the punishment and pain.

This is without a shadow of a doubt the hardest beatdown we have ever produced. The male victim’s mask is torn due to the brutality of the encounter.

The demolished male victim barely survives this encounter and must have been relieved when the punishment was over as Roxy flexes and plants a foot on his chest.

Roxy Luffy wears a shiny spandex micro thong bikini

The male victim wears shiny leather shorts.

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