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SGR0353 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Vanquish crushes Eva Ray

Strong Girls Rule resident sadist, Madame Vanquish is back, she loves nothing more than destroying other wrestlers on the SGR Mats. Today’s opponent is Latvian spitfire, Eva Ray who has demonstrated a fiery disposition and never backs down.

Eva Ray is scooped up effortlessly by Vanquish and then dropped across her knee in a backbreaker. Vanquish then starts to dissect the smaller wrestler with a stomp and a splash. Vanquish then picks Eva Ray up from the floor and throws her over her shoulder. After teasing her and pretending to drop her, Vanquish then drives her into the mats.

Vanquish takes great delight in testing Eva Ray’s impressive flexibility with leg spreads, surfboards and fold up pins causing the petite beauty to wail in pain.

Eva Ray is lifted into various holds and positions and then unceremoniously taken down to the mats hard, as she can offer little offense in the face of the pro wrestling experience of the dominant Vanquish.

It is merciful once the gleeful Vanquish is satisfied with the punishment as she flexes above the pain ravaged body of the Latvian beauty.

Eva Ray wears a shiny spandex red swimsuit, shiny tights and wrestling shoes

Vanquish wears a black lycra body, shiny tights, red kneepads and black wrestling boots.

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