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SGR0352 Dirty Tactics - Storm vs Autumn Rose

Pro-wrestler, Autumn Rose makes her Strong Girls Rule debut and standing in her way is a veteran of Dirty Tactics matches, SGR stalwart, Storm.

Ella Escorpi conducts a brief interview off camera before the match begins to introduce her to the SGR Wrestling fans and to find out more information about this beautiful grappler, and its only fair that even though she doesn’t need any introduction that Ella conducts an interview with the veteran also.

Both grapplers are all smiles as they circle each other on the mats before locking up, and the debutante strikes first, trapping Storm in a headlock and taking her down to the mat. Storm uses her experience to reverse it, trapping Autumn in a headscissors, and the match is on.

Autumn shows off her wrestling smarts using a handstand to escape and trapping Storm trying to make her tap. So far a very technical contest between two skilled grapplers.

But the sports womanship doesn’t last for long as hair is pulled and Storm delivers a forearm in between Autumn’s legs before scooping her up and trapping her in an over the knee backbreaker.

Suffice to say the gloves are off as Autumn gives Storm a taste of her own medicine by biting her fingers to escape.

These two are very evenly matched and utilize all of their legit skills to try and defeat their opponent, boston crabs, surfboards and camel clutches are used to punish each other. Storm realizes she needs to use all her experience to pick up the win and pulls Autumn’s nose and hair.

Storm is now fully in control as she relentlessly punishes Autumn with over the knee backbreakers and a surfboard and does her best to put the new wrestler away but is she successful.

Autumn Rose wears a red shiny spandex swimsuit, black knee pads, black wrestling boots and shiny tights

Storm wears a blue shiny spandex swimsuit, white knee pads, wrestling shoes and shiny tights

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