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SGR0350 Break Him - Dolly ruins him

Muscled amazon Dolly from Hungary makes her Strong Girls Rule debut taking on her male opponent Russ on the SGR Mats. The softly spoken muscle girl asks him if he is ready, as they lock hands in a finger locked test of strength. Dolly’s muscles overpower Russ with ease as she takes him down to the mats and sits on his face.

She woman handles him and gets him into position for a camel clutch causing the Englishman to groan in pain, to punctuate the point she fishhooks him and pulls back with her powerful arms keeping him in position as she wrenches back, as he flails his feet. So unimpressed with her male opposition is Dolly that she flexes her impressive biceps while still keeping him trapped.

Russ is flipped over onto his back and grapevine and spread wide why the beautiful Dolly stares down at him and then breast smothers him with her impressive bust.

Macho Russ is humiliated as she can offer little offense or even resistance as Dolly completely dominates him with her muscles, flexing when he is trapped whether it be in an arm bar or bodyscissors. His cries echo around the matroom as she completely humbles him.

Dolly continues to go to work even as his face gets redder and redder. He can not take advantage of the impressive figure on top of him as he is trapped and in so much pain from the attack.

The flexes and holds rack up as Dolly uses camel clutches, scissors and more to continue to punish him. A final grapevine and breast smother combination spells his doom, as he is commanded to kiss her bicep as she then places a foot atop of his face and chest and flexes her impressive physique one more time.

Dolly wears a shiny blue spandex swimsuit, with shiny spandex blue bicep and ankle ties

Russ wears shiny red spandex shorts

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