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SGR0349 Break Her - Viktoria ruins Laken Fire

Hungarian legend Viktoria makes her debut on Strong Girls Rule taking on popular SGR regular sexy Laken. They haven’t seen each other in a long time, and take the opportunity to size each other up, and check out each other’s sexy bodies.

A smiling Viktoria traps Laken in a headlock and takes her down to the mats. Laken complains that she wasn’t ready, but Viktoria doesn’t care and wants to see how flexible she is. She traps Laken in a camel clutch and wrenches back causing the beautiful brunette to cry out in pain.

But Viktora is just getting started, she spreads Laken’s legs wide and traps her in a spladle. The Hungarian has waited years to punish Laken and is determined to make the most of it.

Poor Laken is subjected to grapevines, breast smothers, boston crabs, surfboards and other back breaking holds as Viktoria is on a mission to truly break her English opponent.

Methodically Viktoria dissects Laken, taking her time to truly relish and enjoy the punishment she is dishing out to Laken’s sexy body. The poor brunette is helpless to resist as she is pushed to her limit as Viktoria continues to punish her back, Laken’s beautiful body and face are contorted in pain from the relentless punishment.

A final deep Boston crab followed by a camel clutch and a surfboard signal the end for the beautiful brunette who can take no more and cries out her submission of the entire match. Left defeated, humbled and humiliated by a superior wrestler in the form of the Hungarian legend, Viktoria.

Laken wears a shiny blue spandex swimsuit with pantyhose

Viktoria wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit with stirrup pantyhose

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