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SGR0348 Dirty Tactics - Bettie Brickhouse ruins Zoe Page

Bubbly Strong Girls Rule regular Zoe Page stands opposite visiting SGR American wrestler, the imposing Bettie Brickhouse. The normally talkative redhead Zoe seems nervous as she tries to back away from the powerful Bettie.

Bettie quickly grabs her and knees Zoe in her pussy dropping the redhead to her knees. Bettie picks up Zoe by her thong swimsuit lifting her off the floor and making her squeal in pain from the wedgie as the material cuts deep into her intimate areas.

Next the big American sits on Zoe’s face and plays with her tits through her spandex swimsuit before twisting Zoe’s nipples causing her to arch up whilst still being subjected to the facesitting.

It’s obvious that powerful Bettie could defeat the redhead using conventional moves such as boston crabs, camel clutches and slams, and whilst Bettie does use this moves for deadly effect, she combines these with dirty tactics such as crotch mauls, eye rakes and more.

Zoe is completely unable to fend off the bigger and stronger American who takes great delight in tormenting and punishing the smaller wrestler.

Once Bettie grows bored of punishing Zoe she lifts her up in a fireman carry before slamming her down to the mats, facesitting her before using a sleeperhold to subdue her and poses with a foot on her painful pussy flexing in victory over Zoe’s defeated and pain wracked form.

Bettie Brickhouse wears a black lycra long sleeved leotard, with shiny tights and white wrestling boots

Zoe Page wears a shiny spandex blue swimsuit, shiny tights, blue kneepads and wrestling shoes.

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