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SGR0346 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Dominita crushes Sheela Killer

Since joining the Strong Girls Rule roster 300lb professional wrestler, Dominita has been running roughshod over the rest of the SGR wrestlers. Today her opponent is brave Sheelakiller who is looking to stop Dominita’s streak.

Dominita however is in no mood to mess around with the tiny blonde and before the camera starts rolling, wastes no time wrapping her arms around Sheela and picking her up in a massive rib crushing bearhug before being rammed into the ring corner. Whilst Sheela tries to catch her breath Dominita inflicts a devastating avalanche splash into the corner.

In all fairness, the experienced pro-wrestler could have finished it there and then but instead decides to toy and destroy her feisty opponent.

Sheela for all her experience and skill just doesn’t stand a chance as Dominita inflicts massive pain to her nubile body in the form of sidewalk slams, elbow drops, splashes, bearhugs, leg spreaders, lifts and slams.

Sheela is her normal defiant self and complains vocally about Dominita’s sweat over her. This enrages Dominita further who delivers a hellacious senton and then wipes her face sweat all over Sheela’s face before pinning the exhausted and devastated Sheela one last time.

Dominita wears her purple lycra swimsuit, black kneepads and black pro wrestling boots.

Sheelakiller wears a shiny spandex blue swimsuit, shiny tights, and wrestling shoes

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