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SGR0344 Break Her - Mistress Amrita vs Laken Fire - Tickle Punishment

Beautiful Laken Fire is limbering up on the Strong Girls Rule mats in a figure hugging shiny spandex swimsuit accentuating her amazing curves when the legendary Mistress Amrita steps onto the mats.

Immediately she reminds Laken that last time they fought (wayback in SGR0214) that she easily defeated her. Laken is confident that she can avenge the defeat, but Amrita reminds Laken that she is undefeated. But Laken is determined that she is going to win and claim Amrita’s trademark shiny black swimsuit.

They lock up and its Laken who traps Amrita in a headlock, but the wily veteran escapes. They lock up again and this time Laken traps the Japanese legend in a full nelson. Again using her mat smarts, Amrita escapes. A third lock up, but Amrita has had enough, headlocks Laken and takes her to the mat using a Kimura to cause pain and to control the bigger brunette. Laken bridges trying to escape but Amrita is firmly in control.

Amrita isn’t playing around and tests Laken’s flexibility in a camel clutch, wrenching on her spine and causing Laken’s beautiful features to contort in pain.

Amrita continues the punishment and folds Laken up, admiring her ass and pulling at her thong swimsuit. The Japanese legend could easily humiliate Laken like she did in their last encounter but instead starts to tickle her inner thighs causing the brunette to howl in laughter. Laken cannot escape the torment as Amrita has her firmly locked up with her legs spread giving easy access for her fingers to tickle and tease Laken.

The continuous tickle torment saps Laken’s energy making it easier and easier for Amrita to control her and trap her in holds enabling more tickling. Amrita removes Laken’s wrestling boots and begins to pay attention to tickling her feet.

Poor Laken is trapped in painful wrestling holds such as figure four leg locks and then subjected to tickling. Laken’s cries are a mixture of laughter and pain from the relentless tickling until the brunette can take no more.

Unfortunately losing to Mistress Amrita always comes with a price, and Laken has to surrender her swimsuit to be added to the Japanese catfighter’s ever growing collection.

Laken Fire wears a shiny white spandex thong swimsuit with white wrestling boots

Mistress Amrita wears a shiny black spandex thong swimsuit and black wrestling boots

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