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SGR0342 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Dominita crushes Lottie LaLay

Brave SGR sweetheart, Lottie LaLay never backs down from a challenge, but on this occasion she may have bitten off more than she should have against the biggest wrestler on the Strong Girls Rules roster, in the shape of pro-wrestler, Dominita.

Lottie looks fearful as she stands opposite the imposing Dominita, who clearly isn’t impressed by her opponent. They lock up and Dominita immediately throws Lottie up over her shoulders with ease and takes her for an airplane spin, which Lottie really isn’t a fan of, she is perhaps less of a fan of being dumped down to the mats.

Up she goes again and slammed down again, and then has the air forcibly pushed out of her with a massive leg drop. Further air is pushed out when she is picked up in a bearhug and is punished between Dominita’s giant arms causing her to scream out in pain before being driven into the corner and then being on the receiving end of a butt bomb.

A running avalanche splash puts her down and Lottie is desperate to get away but Dominita is having too much fun at the blonde’s expense to stop punishing her.

Poor Lottie is absolutely decimated by spears, sidewalk slam, bearhugs, big splashes and many more high impact and devastating moves.

Never before has Lottie been subjected to such punishment, and can offer no resistance in the face of the overwhelming size and strength of Dominita.

A final Rikishi Bomb spells her doom, and Lottie is pinned by one foot by a triumphant and easily victorious Dominita.

Dominita wears a purple lycra long sleeved leotard, black pro knee pads, and black pro boots

Lottie LaLay wears a shiny blue spandex swimsuit, with shiny tights and red and blue wrestling boots

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