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SGR0341 Break Him - Ella 'Scorpion' Escorpi destroys him

Strong Girl Rule OG, Ella “Scorpion” Escopri makes a welcome return to the SGR mats as she faces off against a masked man. As long time fans of the brunette know she likes nothing more than destroying puny men, as this victim is quick to find out.

They begin by comparing muscles and its obvious that Ella is much bigger in the biceps department and she also comments that his tits are bigger than her’s.

They lock up in a fingerlock test of strength and she bends his fingers back with ease and painfully as he drops to his knees and finds himself trapped in a standing headscissors between those powerful shiny tights clad thighs.

Ella stomps on him and that stands on his head, and then wrenches back in a single leg boston crab punishing his back and causing him to scream out in pain. She verbally berates him for being so pathetic and just pulls back harder.

Appreciating the sounds that this back punishment is creating she chicken wings his arms and pushes her boot into his face telling him to kiss them.

Ella continues to “Break Him” with more headscissors, roll ups, chicken wings and facesitting him, constantly punishing him for having the audacity to step onto the mats with her.

After one final punishing headscissor, followed by a reverse facesit, it is mercifully over for the hapless man.

Ella “Scorpion” Escorpi wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit and shiny tights and black Lonsdale wrestling boots

The victim wears a lycra lucha mask, red shiny spandex trunks, and black wrestling shoes

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