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SGR0339 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Chloe Davis crushes Eva Ray

Strong Girls Rule newbie, Eva Ray may have been a bit full of herself when she accepted to step into the ring with the Glamazon Chloe Davis. Cocky Eva Ray looks up at Chloe and tells her she can wrestle her, the Glamazon is less than impressed and scoops Eva Ray up with ease and slams her down to the mat.

Chloe throws Eva Ray around the ring, picking up the petite Latvian spitfire as if she weighs nothing and then tests her flexibility with surfboards and backbreakers.

But the Glamazon doesn’t stop there splashing a prone Eva Ray who is trying to catch her breath with her full weight crushing the sexy redhead.

Chloe could end it right there, but there is nothing that the Glamazon likes more than punishing pretty little girls who have the audacity to step into the ring with her.

Eva Ray is punished repeatedly with slams, camel clutches, bearhugs, stomps and splashes, and can offer little in the way of meaningful offense against the power of the Glamazon.

Even though she is completely dominating Eva Ray it doesn’t stop Chloe from breaking the rules, lifting her up by her hair, and using the ropes illegally to punish the smaller girl.

More damaging powermoves are used by Chloe in her quest to decimate Eva Ray including powerslams and leg drops.

It's only when Chloe is satisfied that she has taught the new girl a lesson does the punishment stop and Eva Ray is left battered and bruised in the ring after being brutalised by a sadistic and dominant Glamazon.

Chloe Davis wears a black lycra long sleeved leotard with shiny tights and white pro boots

Eva Ray wears shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny tights and black wrestling shoes

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