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SGR0336 Dirty Tactics - Ella 'Scorpion' Escorpi crushes SheelaKiller

Strong Girls Rule regulars Ella ‘Scorpion’ Escorpi and Sheelakiller face off. These two have met before and on both occasions, Ella has destroyed the smaller blonde. But Sheela has been working out, has learnt new skills and has an ever increasing feisty attitude in her SGR matches.

Ella is clearly unimpressed as they compare bodies, it is obvious that Ella is taller, heavier and stronger, but Sheela is confident that as long as Ella doesn’t use any Dirty Tactics that she will be able to defeat her rival.

Unfortunately for Sheela this is a Dirty Tactics match as she finds out when Ella punches her and pulls her pig tails, then knees her in the guy dropping her to the mats. Ella piles on the pressure leading Sheela around the mats by her pig tails.

Preliminaries over they lock up in a test of strength and Ella easily overpowers Sheela and then fish hooks over from behind and mauls Sheela’s pussy, when Sheela won’t cooperate and resists being put into an inverted surfboard, Ella rakes her nails along Sheela’s back to break her will and allow the hold to continue.

What follows is the absolute destruction of Sheela as Ella uses conventional wrestling holds such as camel clutches, surfboards and leg bars, but unnecessarily also uses tit and pussy mauling, punches, stomps, finger nail rakes, hair pulls and other illegal moves to punish and humiliate the smaller blonde.

Ella utilises Sheela’s tiny spandex thong to inflict further punishment like a cheese wire to her pussy but pulling it hard in a tight wedgie causing the shiny material to go deep into Sheela’s pussy.

Once Ella is bored of her plaything she uses an unusual headscissor and pussy smother on Sheela whilst causing extra torque on her thong bikini bottoms with her wrestling boots, causing Sheela to concede the match and be grateful that the pain, punishment and humiliation is finally over for today.

Ella ‘Scorpion’ Escorpi wears a shiny spandex black thong swimsuit with shiny tights and black wrestling shoes

SheelaKiller wears a shiny spandex purple micro bikini

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