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SGR0334 Break Her - Madam Lucrecia vs Lottie LaLay

It is unbelievable that this is gorgeous Czech amazon, Madam Lucrecia’s first appearance at Strong Girls Rule in six years. To celebrate we are going to put her against SGR sweetheart, blonde Lottie LaLay.

As they stand opposite each other on the mats Lucrecia towers above Lottie, Lucrecia just laughs at her and takes her down to the mats with ease and immediately traps her in a camel clutch, punishing Lottie’s poor back.

Lucrecia then sits on Lottie’s face smearing her lipstick and slaps Lottie’s ass as she struggles to escape from the bigger wrestler.

The Czech amazon isn’t finished, in fact she has only just started as she wraps her legs around Lottie and squeezes her in a bodyscissors before facesitting the overwhelmed blonde again, engulfing the blonde’s head in between her ass cheeks.

Lucrecia is clearly enjoying destroying the plucky British beauty and facesits and stinkfaces her at will. These devastating ass moves are supplemented by breast smothering, boston crabs, grapevines and more scissors.

Lottie doesn’t stand a chance against the power Czech amazon, Lucrecia who enjoys herself immensely at the blonde’s expense.

At the end Lottie is out of the count from the relentless facesitting, and we are left hoping it’s not another six years before Lucrecia returns.

Lottie LaLay wears a shiny spandex sky blue thong swimsuit

Lucrecia Adira wears a snakeskin lycra swimsuit

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