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SGR0331 Dirty Tactics - Pippa L'Vinn dominates SheelaKiller

The Queen of the Ring and Mistress of 1000 holds, the legendary Pippa L’Vinn makes a welcome return to Strong Girls Rule. Her SGR challenger today is the feisty Sheelakiller.

Unfortunately for the blonde, Pippa hasn’t slowed down or lost any of her skill, which Sheela is about to find out to her detriment. They square off balefully glaring at each other, and Pippa wastes no time in grabbing Sheela’s head and punching her.

The blonde drops to the mats and Pippa tests her flexibility with a leg spread with her foot pushing down on Sheela’s pussy.

Pippa punishes her pussy some more before positioning Sheela against the wall and stinkfacing her pushing her ass right into her face and cutting off her oxygen.

Pippa is experienced enough that she doesn’t have to resort to Dirty Tactics, but Ms L’Vinn likes to enjoy her work, and certainly enjoys teaching these younger girls pain.

She continues to work over Sheela’s pussy with stretches, stomps and punches, and mixes it up by stinkfacing Sheela whenever she can.

Pippa is clearly enjoying herself and her smiles are a stark contrast to the looks of abject fear and pain on Sheela’s face.

The stinkfaces ramp up as Sheela is humiliated and has her oxygen restricted by Pippa’s derriere. Sore and destroyed Sheela can only sit against the wall in the corner as a smiling Pippa saunters off happy with the pain she has inflicted.

Pippa L’Vinn wears a shiny spandex blue swimsuit and shiny tights

Sheelakiller wears a long sleeved lycra white leotard and shiny tights

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