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SGR0330 Break Him - Kassidy destroys him

Only the most foolhardy competitor dares to challenge Kassidy at Strong Girls Rule, but a masked man feels that he has what it takes to try to challenge the statuesque beauty.

But as previous men and women have learnt at SGR Kassidy gives no quarter as this man is about to find out, as Kassidy gives a whole new meaning to “Break Him”.

From the initial finger lock test of strength he is down to his knees and trapped between her powerful long legs. She drops down on him with her full weight and bounces up and down.

The poor fool is subjected to camel clutches, scissors and stomps as a smiling Kassidy goes to work showing him that he was an idiot to challenge her.

He cries out in pain, coughing and spluttering as Kassidy surfboards him using her full frame to obtain maximum torque when he tries to escape, she tells him that she is sure she can take more and chokes him with her wrestling boots.

Kassidy clearly isn’t finished as she uses boston crabs, headscissors and leg locks to continue his painful punishment.

It’s only when she is ready and finished having had her fun that she split leg drop hims and decides to flex in victory leaving the useless sap a broken man on the mats.

Kassidy wears a shiny gold spandex swimsuit, shiny tights, white kneepads, and white wrestling boots

The victim wears a silver luchador mask, shiny spandex silver shorts and black wrestling shoes

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