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SGR0327 Break Her - Goddess Anastaxia destroys SheelaKiller

It’s another blonde vs blonde battle at SGR Wrestling, as every fearless Sheelakiller faces off against buxom beauty Goddess Anastaxia on the Strong Girls Rule mats. They lock up in a finger locked test of strength and the bigger Anastaxia easily bends the flexible Sheela over her knee.

These two SGR veterans have met before so Sheela knows what is potentially coming but she is powerless against the experienced and strong Goddess who transitions to a camel clutch and bends Sheela to her breaking point and beyond. Anastaxia smiles clearly enjoying the opportunity to punish the smaller blonde again.

Sheela’s spine is clearly Anastaxia’s target as she goes to work with more camel clutches and boston crabs, but she is also keen to remind Sheela how powerful her legs are trapping her in bodyscissors and headscissors and trying to crush her.

The camel clutches and surfboards get more extreme as Anastaxia is determined to break Sheela so that she never has the gall to challenge the Goddess again.

Finally Anastaxia traps Sheela in a camel clutch which nearly snaps her in two whilst caressing her neck, whilst a tearful Sheela submits to the Goddess unable to move on the mats due to the pain in her punished back. A smiling Anastaxia saunters off whilst a still crying Sheela is still immobile on the mats.

Goddess Anastaxia wears a shiny black spandex swimsuit

SheelaKiller wears a shiny purple spandex micro bikini

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