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SGR0326 Break Her - Pamela vs Lottie LaLay

It’s a Strong Girls Rule battle of the blondes as SGR regular, Lottie LaLay faces the challenge of debuting Pamela. Lottie is confident as they flex at the start that she is going to show this new girl what it’s all about, but she hadn’t done her homework.

Pamela is a legit badass who has wrestled all over Europe, as Lottie finds out very quickly as she is taken very quickly to the mats and trapped in a headscissor. A confident Pamela shows Lottie what she is in for as she does the splits across Lottie’s neck and flexes her muscles.

Pamela is just too strong and skilled for Lottie who is in trouble early and struggled to recover. Pamela repeatedly traps her in headscissors and flexes her impressive muscles clearly unimpressed with the challenge of the British wrestler.

Just when Lottie thinks she has been given a break, Pamela demonstrates her strength with ease as she picks Lottie up and carries her around the mat room before continuing to punish her neck and body some more with her powerful thighs.

Lottie is humiliated and decimated as Pamela continues the punishment with boston crabs, camel clutches, surfboards and grapevines, all the time Pamela poses, so confident in her abilities to destroy the pretty blonde Brit.

Lottie is subjected to an over the knee backbreaker and made to kiss Pamela’s flexed bicep whilst trapped in the punishing move.

As the painful holds rack up, poor Lottie is completely broken and demolarised, but Pamela isn’t finished and piles on the humiliation by making Lottie kiss her foot and biceps whilst she flexes in victory.

Pamela wears a shiny silver spandex micro bikini

Lottie LaLay wears a shiny purple spandex micro bikini

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