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SGR0324 Dirty Tactics - Lara vs Toni TKC

Sultry Italian Lara makes her Strong Girls Rule debut as she takes on SGR rookie Toni TKC. Raven haired Lara maybe making her first appearance on our mats, but she has vast wrestling experience, whilst tall blonde Toni is still a rookie.

Lara takes the taller girl to the mats with ease and traps her in a headlock, before wrapping her legs around her waist in a tight bodyscissors and squeezing causing Toni to wail in pain and squirm trying to escape.

Lara transitions to a headscissors and has the Australian blonde beauty crying out in pain as the Italian’s taunt thighs squeeze her head. Next Lara punishes Toni’s back by lifting her long legs into a Boston Crab, followed by some more scissors and a Camel Clutch.

The experienced Italian could have finished it there, but instead elects to punish the rookie, pushing Toni’s face into her feet, to add further humiliation to the drubbing she is already receiving. Lara continues to punish Toni, but when makes the opportunity to rub her feet over the blonde’s face. The sadistic smiling Lara could have finished the beautiful blonde at any time but instead seems content to punish her in wrestling holds and then humiliating her with her feet, rubbing her soles over Toni’s face, and even smothering her feet over mouth.

The punishment continues until Toni can take no more, as a laughing Lara poses above the decimated Toni flexing in victory with a huge smile, while she rubs her feet all over the Australian’s face who is powerless to resist after the wrestling lesson she has received due to the prowess of the experienced Italian.

Lara makes a dominant and convincing debut at Strong Girls Rule at the expense of poor Toni.

Lara wears a shiny spandex blue swimsuit with blue kneepads

Toni TKC wears a shiny spandex red swimsuit with red kneepads

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