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SGR0323 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Ella 'Scorpion' Escorpi destroys SheelaKiller

Two Strong Girls Rule veterans clash as spunky SheelaKiller faces off against Ella “Scorpion”Escorpi. It’s hard to believe that these two SGR regulars have only faced each other once before wayback in SGR0220 (https://www.clips4sale/studio/94681/22260363/sgr0220-japanese-pro-style-catfight-scorpion-vs-ms-f-rank-hd) where Sheela came up short, but she has a lot more experience now. Will she be able to defeat the bigger Ella and obtain revenge.

The short answer is know and immediately Ella picks Sheela off her feet into a powerful bearhug crushing the blonde’s ribs before slamming her to the mat and splashing her multiple times. She uses her foot on Sheela’s throat and flexes showing her muscles while the smaller girl squirms beneath her.

When Sheela gets to her feet she is lifted and racked across Ella’s shoulders who stamps to increase the torque and pressure causing Sheela to groan in pain before dropping to her knees and butt bouncing on Sheela’s stomach, whilst flexing her biceps again and shoving her foot into her mouth.

Sheela is pulled up by her hair and two handed lifted by her throat against the wall before being slammed and splashed on the floor.

Ella is having too much fun and Sheela’s expense and makes her dizzy by using a Cesaro Swing and then splashing the dizzy Sheela repeatedly. Sheela’s breathing is raspy as the air has been knocked out of her, but Ella is enjoying herself and wants the punishment to continue.

And continue it does with a crotch lift, over the knee backbreaker, and more splashes before Ella shoves most of her foot into Sheela’s mouth.

The final merciful finish comes after a suspended romero hold has Sheela screaming her submission as Ella flexes her biceps above a pain wracked Sheela who is hoping that there next match is a long way off after the destruction just inflicted upon her.

Ella “Scorpion” Escorpi wears a black shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny stirrup tights

SheelaKiller wears a gold shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny stirrup tights

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