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SGR0322 Dirty Tactics - Luna Kaige crushes Belle O'Hara

Sexy Belle O’Hara makes her Strong Girls Rule debut and we’ve pitted her against the Welsh Wonder and new SGR bad girl Luna Kaige, we’ve literally thrown her to the lions.

True to form, Luna shows no mercy as right at the start she rakes Belle’s eyes and then takes her down to the mats, pulls her hair and slams her head into the mats. Belle is in trouble early as Luna goes to work welcoming the new girl to Strong Girls Rule.

Luna uses Belle’s hair to control her and slam her into the mat, but Belle is feisty and keeps coming back for more. So Luna decides to teach the new girl a lesson. She punishes her in a Full Nelson, but Belle won’t quit fighting and trying to escape.

Luna is having to work for it and is getting sweaty which enrages her, so she stomps on Belle’s pussy twice and slaps her. Luna has decided she really doesn’t like this new girl making her work so ramps up the punishment with elbow drops and a leg drop.

Belle is decidedly less cocky and enters survival mode repeatedly trying to escape, Luna wraps her strong arms around her neck to sap some of the fight out of her and then starts with pussy punishment mauling and punching Belle’s pussy. She then folds her up in a banana split and continues attacking Belle’s pussy with dirty tactics.

Luna continues the humiliation placing Belle against the wall and stink facing her. Luna decides its time put the rookie away satisfied that she has learnt her lesson.

She traps in a combination rear naked choke and bodyscissors, but for an added humiliation pulls her outfit making the material cut inbetween her legs. Once Belle can take no more, Luna poses above her flexing showing off her impressive muscles, whilst Belle sits there wondering what has just happened to her.

Belle O’Hara wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit and shiny tights

Luna Kaige wears a shiny black spandex swimsuit and shiny tights

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