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SGR0321 Japanese Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Epiphany Jones

Bubbly blonde MILF Epiphany Jones’s first outing on the Strong Girls Rule mats did not go according to plan, but she is back for more. This time she steps on to the SGR mats to challenge the legendary Mistress Amrita in a Japanese Pro-Style Catfight.

Epiphany is all smiles at the start as the two wrestlers lock up, but the smile quickly dissipates as the experienced Amrita takes her down to the mats in a headlock. Amrita chuckles as she knows already that she is going to take great pleasure in dismantling this weak blonde rookie.

She traps Epiphany in an armbar making the new girl cry out in pain before transitioning into a headscissors squeezing her neck making the blonde cry out in pain.

Confident that the blonde rookie offers little threat, Amrita spreads her legs wide exposing her crotch and starts to slap around her pussy and then starts to slap Epiphany’s pussy through her shiny pantyhose before planting her wrestling shoes onto Epiphany’s crotch and rubbing whilst her legs are spread wide.

Amrita doesn’t let up and traps Epiphany in a figure four leglock, followed by a boston crab. Epiphany is completely overwhelmed and offers little resistance as Amrita goes to work repeatedly spreading her legs wide, and slapping, rubbing, kicking and punishing her pussy. The Japanese legend pulls the thong of Epiphany’s leotard in a wedgie cranking up the pussy punishment.

Epiphany’s beautiful face is contorted in agony as Amrita traps her in a camel clutch pulling back hard and increasing the torque on her agonised back before transitioning to a Lotus Lock.

Satisfied that she has shown the rookie the ropes, Mistress Amrita folds her up, spreads her legs and teases the humiliation to come by pinging her thong leotard and then slapping her pussy and ass.

Epiphany screams out her final submission and Mistress Amrita stands on her in victory, proving that Epiphany’s training counted for nothing and claims yet another swimsuit as her prize for victory.

Epiphany Jones wears a shiny red spandex thong swimsuit, shiny tights with red and blue wrestling shoes

Mistress Amrita wears a shiny black spandex thong swimsuit, shiny tights and black wrestling shoes

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