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SGR0320 Break Him - Storm ruins him

Strong Girls Rule veteran blonde Storm steps onto the SGR mats with a truly pathetic specimen and immediately grabs him in a headlock and takes him down to the mats then combines it with an arm bar.

Storm tells the hapless victim that she is going to have fun, and she certainly delivers on the promise trapping him in a rear naked choke and triangle body scissors which has him coughing and gasping for breath as he realises that he is taking on a skilled and sadistic smiling destroyer of men.

Storm continues smiling as she spreads his legs wide, and folds him up in a banana split as he flails uselessly trying to escape. What follows is a wrestling masterclass as Storm subjects him to Lotus Lock, surfboards, bodyscissors, and folds up.

Eventually she grows bored of her pathetic opponent she traps him in a full nelson and spreads his legs wide before kicking him in his tiny balls. She then transitions into a triangle bodyscissors causing his mouth to open wide as he struggles to breath.

Storm now decides to finish him off and traps him in a headscissors causing him to cry out in pain and despair as her strong thighs nearly pop his head like a melon.

She then places a sweaty stirrups foot on his face and flexes in victory, a very easy day at the office for Storm.

Storm wears a shiny blue spandex swimsuit and shiny stirrup tights

The victim wears a white and blue lucha mask and shiny spandex silver shorts

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