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SGR0319 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Kassidy destroys Zoe Page

Statuesque Kassidy tells redhead Zoe Page to “Come to step-mama ” at the start of this Strong Girls Rule Lifted Slammed Squashed match.

Kassidy mocks Zoe before locking up with her in a distinctly one sided test of strength which Kassidy easily wins sending Zoe to the floor. Kassidy grabs Zoe by the throat and lifts her up in a two handed choke lift, she plants Zoe up against the wall and holds it making poor Zoe gasp for breath, her face going the same colour as her red hair.

The powerful tall Kassidy then slams her to the mat and plants a foot on her back and splashes down onto her back. She uses Zoe’s red locks to pull her neck back and splashes her again. Zoe is pulled to her feet by her hair and racked across Kassidy’s shoulders causing her to cry out in pain before being dumped to the mat.

The punishment to Zoe’s back continues as Kassidy lifts her up high in a rib crushing bearhug and dumps her back to the mats and splashes her again.

Zoe’s breathing comes in gasps from the pain she is enduring at Kassidy’s hands who methodically inflicts painful move after painful move, even lifting Zoe up by using her long legs to push Zoe up against the wall one legged with a foot in her crotch.

Kassidy’s appetite for destruction is still not saited as she continues to pulverise the redhead with more slams, lifts, splashes, backbreakers.

Finally Kassidy grows bored of her plaything and choke lifts Zoe again before dumping her down to the mats, and delivering her patented split slam across Zoe’s throat as she flexes in victory.

Kassidy wears a shiny spandex red swimsuit with shiny tights, red kneepads and black wrestling shoes

Zoe Page wears a shiny spandex blue swimsuit with shiny tights, blue kneepads and red and blue wrestling shoes

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