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SGR0318 Break Her - Madame Vanquish dominates Laken Fire

It’s great to have the lovely Laken back at Strong Girls Rule, in her absence we have a whole host of new wrestlers to pit her against. Today she is facing one of the most dominant recent SGR recruits in the form of the brutal Madame Vanquish.

Laken is stretching out on the mats in a sexy cheerleader costume, as a trained dancer she knows the importance of warming up before a match. Madame Vanquish makes her entrance and innocent Laken discusses the importance of stretching out and how pretty her cheerleader outfit makes her look. The dominant and devious Vanquish sinisterly laughs and asks Laken to give her a twirl and once her back is turned sweeps her legs out from under her.

Vanquish traps Laken in a full nelson before lifting her up while retaining the hold as Laken dangles in pain. Vanquish removes her lycra cheerleader top revealing a red shiny spandex bikini top and traps the beautiful Laken in another full nelson. Vanquish lifts her again before taking her to the mat after punishing her some more she finally relinquishes the full nelson and takes Laken down to the mats in a modified leg lock causing the beauty to cry out in pain, her cheerleader skirt riding up revealing a shiny spandex red tanga micro thong. The skirt is removed and Vanquish goes to work on Laken’s leg again this time in a stump puller before flipping her over into a sharpshooter and slapping her ass.

Vanquish methodically enjoys dissecting Laken using a crossface, more leg locks and then racks the beautiful Laken. More back punishment is inflicted with various deathlocks and a single leg boston crab before an over the shoulder backbreaker punctuates the painful first match between Vanquish and Laken as the dominant destroyer folds her up for the win.

Not satisfied, Vanquish splashes Laken’s pain wracked form before placing a boot on her prone form and flexing in victory.

Laken wears a Cheerleader outfit which is stripped off to reveal a red shiny spandex micro thong bikini

Vanquish wears a black long sleeved lycra leotard, shiny tights and white pro wrestling boots.

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