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SGR0316 Test of Strength - Denise dominates Lottie LaLay

Strong Girls Rule sweetheart, Lottie LaLay must have taken leave of her senses challenging muscle goddess Amazon Denise to a Test of Strength in Denise’s SGR debut.

The two start to pose off on the SGR Mats, and then almost immediately Denise begins to woman handle poor Lottie all over the mats whilst flexing her impressive physique and trash talking the weaker blonde.

Poor Lottie is squeezed between the muscled thighs of Denise which grip her like a vice. She teases Lottie like a cat with a mouse, releasing the scissors so that Lottie thinks she can escape before shutting her legs shut again and squeezing Lottie.

A test of strength two hands against one just serves to show Lottie how weak she is compared to the bodybuilder who is enjoying playing with her plaything. Denise lifts Lottie up in a powerful bearhug as if she weighs nothing using her defined biceps to crush Lottie’s ribs.

Time and again she lifts and squeezes Lottie, flexing in between as all Lottie can do is flail and cry out against the muscle which is being used against her.

Realizing that Lottie can take no more, Denise sits astride her and flexes her biceps and makes her worship her biceps and kiss them. Poor Lottie never stood a chance against the impressive physique and power of the Amazon Denise.

Denise wears shiny spandex purple bikini with matching arm ties around her biceps

Lottie wears shiny spandex pink bikini with matching arm ties.

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