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SGR0315 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Luna Kaige crushes SheelaKiller

Since making her Strong Girls Rule debut, pro-wrestler Luna Kaige has been an unstoppable power despite her small stature. Standing in her way today is SGR journey woman the fearless and feisty petite blonde Sheelakiller who never backs down from a challenge.

As they stand opposite each other it is unusual for Sheela to be the larger wrestler. The two lock up in a finger locked test of strength matching their muscles against each other. Luna uses her pro-wrestling smarts to break the deadlock, kneeing her hand free of Sheela’s and hoisting her over her shoulder into a fireman’s carry before dumping her to the mat and folding her up in a matchbook pin.

She allows Sheela to get to her feet before putting her in a Widows Peak brutalizing Sheela’s back and then trapping the blonde in a banana split pin, bridging back to put extra strain on poor Sheela. The blonde must have thought she had a brief respite but no Luna was standing to do a jumping body splash onto her front and then her back.

The SGR veteran has no answer to the Pro Wrestling moves which Luna is unleashing upon her pain wracked body. More punishment follows with such moves as a standing bearhug, splashes, racks, surfboards and backbreakers.

Luna is relentless in punishing Sheela until a final dump to the mats off her shoulders, followed by a standing splash ends it as Luna Kaige flexes above Sheela’s defeated form.

Luna Kaige wears a black shiny spandex swimsuit, shiny tights, black kneepads and black wrestling boots

SheelaKiller wears a blue shiny spandex swimsuit, shiny tights, red kneepads and wrestling shoes

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