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SGR0314 Japanese Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Gabriela

Japanese Pro-Style Catfighting Legend, Mistress Amrita loves to step onto the Strong Girls Rule mats and teach other wrestlers her style of combat. Today is relative SGR newcomer, Gabriela, a sexy and flexible wrestler. In the pre-match interviews, Gabriela believes that her flexibility will give her the edge and allow her to escape, Mistress Amrita’s trademark leg spreading and crotch exposing holds. It’s a claim other wrestlers with flexibility have made, but none have escaped defeat or the forfeit of handing over their outfit which follows.

They circle each other before locking up, and Amrita takes the challenger down to the mats and traps her in a Kimura hold, Gabriela tries a collegiate wrestling bridge to escape, but the experienced Mistress Amrita compensates, and tightens the hold, hurting and frustrating Gabriela.

Mistress Amrita sees if Gabriela’s claims of being flexible are true as she traps her in a grapevine spreading her legs wide. She follows up with a deep armbar keeping Gabriela guessing as to what body part will be targeted next. Again she tries to bridge out but Mistress Amrita maintains position wearing Gabriela’s resilience down. She does this even further with a combined rear naked choke and bodyscissor combination hold taking the fight out of Gabriela so that it is easier to trap her in her trademark leg spreading holds.

Now that sexy Gabriela is weakened Mistress Amrita goes to work spreading Gabriela wide to the camera and slapping her exposed pussy with the sole of her wrestling shoes. Gabriela tries to escape but is tied up tight.

A deep boston crab followed with more headscissors and bodyscissors continues to wear down the stubborn Gabriela. As does a camel clutch and surfboard, Gabriela is ripe for the taking now, and Mistress Amrita traps her spreading her legs wide and teases her pussy until she can take no more and submits the match.

Mistress Amrita claims another trophy for her collection from a game and stubborn opponent.

Gabriela wears a silver shiny spandex swimsuit, white kneepads and white wrestling shoes

Mistress Amrita wears a black shiny spandex swimsuit, black kneepads and black wrestling shoes.

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