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SGR0313 Break Him - Goddess Anastaxia ruins him

Blonde dominatrix, Goddess Anastaxia is a Strong Girls Rule OG and is a power to be reckoned with on the SGR mats. Obviously the masked male in front of her today didn’t do his homework, yes, Goddess Anastaxia is beautiful but she is also a legitimate wrestler who will dissect your body on the mats and leave you destroyed.

They lock up and she drags him around the mats before dropping a knee to his stomach and crushing his neck in between her legs in a powerful headscissors which has him tapping repeatedly. She slaps his puny chest and stomach with the soles of her feet and then returns to try to crush his head like a melon between her thighs.

She camel clutches him whilst trapping him in a rear naked choke, laughing sadistically whilst she does well as she continues the punishment, trash talking and humiliating him for daring to step onto the mats with her

Anastaxia spreads his legs wide in a grapevine, before smothering him first with her breasts and then with two hands over his mouth.

The punishment continues as she scissors, arm bars, smothers, and dominates her male challenger. Eventually her sadistic appetite is sated and she sits split legged across his throat flexing before sitting on his face in victory.

Goddess Anastaxia wears an electric blue spandex swimsuit

The male victim wears black leather shorts, and a lucha mask

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