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SGR0312 Dirty Tactics - Beth Bennett vs Toni TKC

Two new beautiful blondes make their SGR Wrestling debuts as New Zealander, Beth Bennett takes on the statuesque Toni TKC in a Strong Girls Rule Dirty Tactics match.

Pale skinned Toni towers over the shorter tanned Beth as they lock hands in a test of strength to begin the match, both keen to impress in their first match.

The well built Beth easily overpowers Toni and throws her down to the mats before folding her in two using Toni’s long legs against her.

Beth has some wrestling experience and uses her big beautiful ass to sit on Toni’s face before positioning her into the corner of the room and using it to deliver a prolonged jiggling stinkface to her opponent.

Toni appears outclassed as Beth punishes her with body scissors between her two thick powerful thighs, as well as headscissors, to her credit Toni tries to fight back but Beth is too experienced and powerful and is able to control her with ease.

Beth continues to sit on Toni’s face bouncing up and down. Toni is in trouble and doesn’t appear to have the answer as Beth facesits, stinkfaces and scissors Toni until she can take no more.

An incredibly impressive and triumphant debut for Beth Bennett, and a disappointing and humiliating defeat for the long legged blonde who is bested easily by the New Zealander.

Beth Bennett wears a black wetlook shiny spandex thong swimsuit

Toni TKC wears a red shiny spandex thong swimsuit

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