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SGR0311 Break Her - Bianca Blanche destroys Laken Fire

The lovely Laken Fire makes a welcome return to Strong Girls Rule, and this always popular SGR brunette is not going to get the warmest welcome Her opponent is the Italian hardbody, Bianca Blance, a feisty wrestler who takes no quarter and gives no mercy.

These two sexy ladies lock up and Bianca attempts a takedown but Laken stays on her feet and positions the Italian up against the wall and delivers a stinkface with her perfect ass. The Italian visitor is incensed by the indignity, anger sketched across her face as she pushes Laken off and traps her in a camel clutch wrenching backwards on Laken’s spine. The brunette is flexible but as Bianca pulls back she cries out in pain at the punishment being inflicted on her back.

Further punishment is inflicted on Laken’s back with a deep boston crab contorting her beautiful features. Bianca returns to a camel clutch before grapevining and then trapping Laken in a surfboard.

Still angry from the embarrassing Stinkface, Bianca puts Laken over her boney knee in a backbreaker, gripping her round the throat to increase the torque of the hold.

The fight has been knocked out of Laken but the Italian is relentless as she continues to pour on the punishment with leg spreads, grapevines, facesitting before one final punishment as she elevates Laken into a suspended surfboard.

This was not the triumphant homecoming Laken was expecting as she lies on the mats in agony whilst an imperious victor, Bianca flexes her impressive biceps above her.

Bianca Blance wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit, shiny pantyhose and red and blue wrestling shoes

Laken Fire wears a shiny blue spandex swimsuit, shiny pantyhose and black wrestling shoes

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