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SGR0310 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Madame Vanquish crushes Epiphany Jones

Blonde milf, Epiphany Jones makes her Strong Girls Rule debut as she faces off against the destructive domme, Madame Vanquish.

Vanquish has been cutting a swathe through the SGR roster, and is excited at the prospect of literally breaking in this sexy new girl. At the start Epiphany is all smiles until Vanquish hoists her up with ease before pulling her hair and scooping her up and dropping her over the knee into a backbreaker, cranking up the pressure with a hand on the throat and another on Epiphany’s thigh. Whilst the sexy blonde lies in pain on the mat, Vanquish body splashes her.

Welcome to SGR Wrestling, Epiphany Jones. The evil Vanquish continues the new girl’s welcome with repeated forearm smashes across her chest, suffice to say the smile is no longer on Epiphany’s face which is contorted in pain from the punishment.

Epiphany is subjected to more slams and splashes as Vanquish goes to work. Epiphany’s bright red lipstick is smeared across her face as Vanquish lifts, slams and squashes her at will.

A surfboard hold inflicts even more damage to the blonde’s pain wracked back as Vanquish takes her time dismantling the new girl.

Once Vanquish is satisfied and the rookie can take no more, Vanquish nonchalantly places a boot on Epiphany’s heaving chest and flexes in victory. Another one bites the dust, and Vanquish didn’t even break a sweat.

Epiphany Jones wears a shiny gold spandex swimsuit with shiny tights

Madame Vanquish wears a long sleeved black lycra swimsuit, shiny tights, white kneepads and white pro wrestling boots

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