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SGR0308 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Bettie Brickhouse squashes SheelaKiller

In her long Strong Girls Rule career, petite blonde SheelaKiller has never back down from a challenge squaring off against the baddest powerhouses on the SGR Roster.

Today she faces off against the absolute destroyer, American Bettie Brickhouse who immediately picks Sheela up with ease under her arms and throws her to the mats. The powerhouse picks Sheela up from the floor from standing as if the small British girl weighs nothing and then dumps her to the mats.

Bettie then lays atop of Sheela and uses her impressive weight to splash the fight out of Sheela and then full weight body splashes her again.

Spunky Sheela is picked up with ease and slammed to the mat, Earthquakes splashed and then can do nothing to prevent Bettie bouncing on her face.

Sheela is subjected to lifts, slams, splashes, boston crabs, and backbreakers. The attacks are relentless and Sheela is treated like a ragdoll by the larger wrestler who trash talks and ridicules Sheela’s lack of offense.

Mercifully a final over the shoulder backbreaker ends the match for Sheela who is subjected to a prolonged victory pose by the absolute powerhouse from the United States.

Bettie Brickhouse wears a black lycra swimsuit, shiny tights and black leather wrestling boots

SheelaKiller wears a shiny spandex purple thong bikini and black wrestling shoes

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