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SGR0306 Break Her - Kassidy dominates Ivy Rain

Big strong ebony wrestler, Kassidy likes nothing better than stepping onto the Strong Girls Rule mats and destroying a smaller wrestler. Today, SGR’s flexible Ivy Rain is the challenger, who faces off against the much taller Kassidy.

They lock up and immediately Kassidy tests Ivy’s flexibility, bending her backwards over her knee causing the brunette to cry out in pain as her back is punished.

It’s apparent early on that Kassidy is too powerful and experienced for Ivy as she goes to work on the smaller girl determined to Break her.

She traps Ivy in a camel clutch pushing Ivy’s back to breaking point, not content she places Ivy against the wall and uses her longer legs to spread Ivy wide, punishing her crotch. She uses Ivy’s long ponytail to drag her around and puts her in a Boston crab.

Next she lifts the brunette over her shoulders in an over the shoulder backbreaker before dumping her unceremoniously to the mats.

The punishment continues as Kassidy uses surfboards, more backbreakers, grapevines and leg spreads until Ivy can take no more and Kassidy towers above her flexing above her broken body in victory.

Ivy Rain wears a shiny spandex blue swimsuit, white knee pads, white wrestling boots and shiny tights

Kassidy wears a shiny spandex red swimsuit, back knee pads, balck wrestling boots and shiny


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