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SGR0304 Japanese Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Yui

This Strong Girls Rule Japanese Catfight match has a distinctive Asian flavour as undefeated Mistress Amrita is challenged by new wrestler, Yui from the Philippines.

The two circle each other on the SGR mats and it is the wily veteran who strikes first trapping Yui and taking her down to the mats. The rookie tries to bridge out of being trapped but Amrita uses her experience to stay on top.

Yui cries out in pain as Amrita softens her up with a deep arm bar, easily controlling the younger woman. After weakening Yui’s arms, Amrita now targets her legs, punishing her in a figure four leg lock. Amrita’s game plan is always to systematically weaken her opponent’s enough so that she can trap them easily in her trademark humiliating holds, exposing their pussy and causing them pain.

Once Yui has been sufficiently weakened and her resistance lessened using boston crabs, leg bars, arm bars and chokes, Amrita starts to show the Filipino what it is she enjoys, and taking great pleasure in doing so.

Yui is spread wide and her pussy slapped and kicked, her shiny spandex swimsuit is pulled into her crotch as Amrita enjoys dominating this young woman. Sensing victory, Amrita sits on Yui’s face and spreads her legs, slapping her ass and pussy.

Finally Yui can take no more and like all the wrestlers before must forfeit her outfit so that Mistress Amrita can add it to her ever growing trophies.

Mistress Amrita wears a black shiny spandex swimsuit with black knee pads and black wrestling shoes.

Yui wears a red shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny tights and black wrestling shoes

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