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SGR0303 Break Her - Bianca Blanche destroys Blaze

Italian hardbodied superstar, Bianca Blance makes her Strong Girls Rule wrestling debut and we have matched her up against another raven haired beauty, lithe dancer Blaze.

On paper this should be an even SGR Wrestling contest as both women are a similar height and weight, but Bianca’s toned form is deceptive as she is very strong for her size, and unfortunately for Blaze likes to dominate and destroy her opponents.

The Italian picks Blaze up with ease throwing her over the shoulder parading and spinning the dancer around. Blaze is dizzy and before she can catch a break, Bianca hoists her up over her shoulder in a backbreaker.

Blaze cries out in shock, and the strong Italian dumps her to the mats and traps her in a camel clutch testing the dancer’s flexibility. Next Blaze is trapped in a deep Boston crab causing her to cry out in pain.

But Bianca isn’t finished and subjects her British opponent to a wide variety of back bending holds including surfboards, leg spreads, grapevine, single leg boston crabs and over the knee backbreakers.

Eventually the Italian grows bored of punishing Blaze, performs some humiliating squats with Blaze on her shoulders, then spreading her wide in a grapevine before flipping her over into a suspended surfboard. Bianca hoists a defeated and dejected Blaze over the shoulder, flexes in victory, slaps her ass and verbally berates her with that sexy and alluring Italian accent..

A very successful debut for Bianca.

Bianca Blanca wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit and shiny tights

Blaze wears a black shiny spandex swimsuit and shiny tights

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