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SGR0302 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Chloe Davis destroys Lottie LaLay

There is no woman as imposing and as sadistic on the Strong Girls Rule roster as 6’3” Chloe Davis who dismantles and destroys any wrestler brave enough to challenge her. Today it is plucky SGR regular, blonde Lottie LaLay.

Pretty Lottie is all smiles as she enters, after all the Glamazon doesn’t look too imposing laying back on the ring ropes. Lottie’s expression changes however, when Chloe stands up to her full height dwarfing Lottie, who now realises she may have bitten off more than she can chew in this one.

The Glamazon easily throws Lottie to the mats after bending her backwards over the ring ropes. She drags her to her feet by her hair and picks her up with ease dangling her and then dumping Lottie to the mats.

Like a modern day Matilda the Hun, Chloe slowly stalks Lottie before viciously dumping her over the top ring ropes and then standing on her hair. Lottie is in a lot of pain and a lot of trouble.

The Glamazon sets out to destroy her lifting her up high in a tight bearhug and then dumps her down to the mats again before bouncing off the ropes and delivering a full weight body splash before pushing up and doing it again, and then picking Lottie up and slamming her to the mats.

The slams, lifts, and splashes continue as Lottie is dismantled as Chloe Davis does what she does best, destroy silly who have the audacity to step into the same ring as her.

A final over the knee backbreaker spells doom for Lottie who is then hoisted over Chloe’s shoulder and unceremoniously dumped to the mats a disheveled heap as the Glamazon saunters off.

Chloe Davis wears a black lycra long sleeved body, with shiny tights, white kneepads and white pro boots

Lottie LaLay wears a shiny spandex gold swimsuit with shiny tights

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