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SGR0301 Break Him - Luna Kaige ruins him

Bad girl pro wrestler Luna Kaige is determined to make an auspicious Strong Girls Rule debut. Her poor masked opponent doesn’t know what he has let himself in for as he stands opposite her on the SGR mats.

Luna easily takes him down with a headlock and smiles sadistically enjoying his torment. She peppers him with elbow strikes, gets to her feet and stamps on his balls. Now that she has enjoyed softening him up she goes to work using pro wrestling moves to further punish him and show you and him what she has to offer.

We are treated to a visual delight of this professional female wrestler punishing her victim with arm bars, bodyscissors, rear naked choke, full nelsons, boston crab and places him against the matroom wall for a stinkface.

There is nothing the masked man can do but take the punishment being dished out by the capable Luna Kaige.

Eventually she tires of the onslaught and chokes him out leaving him defeated on the mats, as she celebrates her first victory of many at SGR Wrestling, and smiling walks off the mats but not before giving him one final slap for good measure.

Luna Kaige wears shiny wetlook black spandex swimsuit with shiny tights

The male wears a white and blue lucha mask and black shiny studded leather shorts

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