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SGR0300 Dirty Tactics - Storm vs SheelaKiller

Sheelakiller has been on the Strong Girls Rule for awhile now and is improving all the time, today she faces off against one of the most feared SGR wrestlers in the form of experienced Storm.

Petite Sheela is fed up of being on the losing end and brings a renewed grit and determination to this match and isn’t going to let Storm dominate and humiliate her.

They lock up in a test of strength, and Storm traps Sheela in a painful armbar, but Sheela fights out and pins Storm down to the mats and then traps her in a bodyscissors, squeezing for all she’s worth. When Storm struggles to escape the scissor she uses her veteran wiles to hit Sheela with a low blow and then traps her in a reverse bearhug. It’s now Sheela who uses dearth tactics stamping on Storm’s toes to be released and trapping her in a headlock which Storm escapes with another low blow.

This is a true war as Sheela and Storm go all out trying to defeat the other using hair pulling, pussy kicks and pussyslaps alongside legal moves such as single leg boston, bodyscissors and texas cloverleaf.

Each beautiful wrestler is determined to punish and humiliate their opponent and Storm even subjects Sheela to a stinkface.

You’ll love this more aggressive SheelaKiller but will it be enough to defeat the powerful and experienced Storm.Eventually one woman is trapped in a headscissors and begrudgingly made to concede the match, as the winner flexes in victory above them.

SheelaKiller wears a long sleeved lycra white body with white boots

Storm wears a long sleeved shiny black spandex body with black kneepads and black boots

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