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SGR0299 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Vanquish crushes Muna More

Vanquish has been cutting a swathe through the Strong Girls Rule roster, lifting, slamming and squashing them easily. Today she faces SGR veteran, petite blonde Muna More who isn’t fazed at all by the imposing pro-wrestler.

They compare biceps and stats, and it’s obvious that Vanquish is the bigger, stronger and taller woman, but Muna is very feisty and is ready to wrestle. Unbelievably it's Muna who strikes first, shoving Vanquish with all her might, but is unable to move her. When Vanquish returns the favour the smaller blonde goes flying backward, but Muna isn’t finished and using her small but strong legs push a laughing Vanquish back and pins her to the wall. Vanquish counts down and scoops Muna up and drops her over her knee in a backbreaker. Muna struggles to her feet and pushes Vanquish back again. This time Vanquish pushes her back one handed and lifts her in a choke lift and drops her to the mat before slamming her.

Any fight which Muna had leaves her pain wracked body as fast as the air left her lungs, and now Vanquish stalks her to punish her further.

Muna is lifted easily into an over the shoulder backbreaker causing her to scream out in agony before Vanquish drops to her knees causing further waves of excruciating pain to Muna’s back.

Vanquish is going to make Muna pay for her audacity and deliver painful high impact moves one after another including gutbusters, elbow drops, slams, backbreakers, chokeslam, shoulderbreaker to name a few.

Muna’s face gets redder and redder from the pain being inflicted upon her petite body as Vanquish simply destroys and punishes her. Mercifully a winded Muna is dumped one last time on the mats whilst Vanquish flexes above another defeated and humbled SGR wrestler.

Madame Vanquish wears a black lycra long sleeved body with shiny pantyhose, black kneepads and black leather boots

Muna More wears a silver spandex long sleeved body with shiny pantyhose, black kneepads and black wrestling shoes.

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