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SGR0298 Japanese Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Liz Rainbow

Legendary Amrita returns to face off against a new challenger on the Strong Girls Rules mats, today her opponent is Spanish senorita, Liz Rainbow who is making her SGR debut.

Liz is very confident, but then again she has never fought Mistress Amrita’s Japanese Pro-Style Catfight rules or the experienced Raven haired beauty herself.

They circle each other on the mats and Amrita takes Liz down and methodically and expertly applies an arm bar which has the Spanish beauty crying out in pain. But Mistress Amrita is just getting warmed up and spreads Liz’s legs wide exposing her pussy and making her thong swimsuit cut into her. Amrita slaps her pussy humiliating Liz and slapping her ass.

The Japanese legend ties up the less experienced girl into knots, before applying a grapevine once again spreading her legs wide exposing her crotch. Mistress Amrita is fully in control now and begins to methodically dissect this weak new challenger. She spread her legs wide and rains slaps down across Liz’s pussy and ass.

Headscissors, boston crabs, camelclutches and body scissors are all used to further inflict punishment. Intermixed with this is copious pussy punishment on the Spanish girl every time an opportunity presents itself to the Japanese mistress.

Finally Mistress Amrita traps Liz in a figure four leg lock, Ms Rainbow desperately tries to resist submitting knowing the forfeit which awaits her, but as Mistress Amrita predicted in the pre-match interview she always wins!

Liz Rainbow wears a shiny silver spandex swimsuit, with white kneepads

Mistress Amrita wears a black shiny spandex swimsuit with black kneepads

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