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SGR0296 Dirty Tactics - Shelby Beach destroys Irish Essie

One almost feels sorry for petite blonde novice, Irish Essie as she is pitted against taller and vastly more experienced Shelby Beach on the Strong Girls Rule mats. It’s obvious that Essie is oblivious to the punishment which is coming her way.

Shelby traps her in an underhook squeezing Essie’s head with her powerful thighs, and whilst Essie lays on the mats stunned and recovering her flowing blonde hair is stepped on by Shelby.

Shelby doesn’t need to resort to dirty tactics being stronger and more experienced, but she is going to take delight in punishing and humiliating Essie.

Essie is on the receiving end of camel clutch, forearm smashes and slapped to the mats where Shelby steps on her throat as Shelby berates her for being so pitiful. Shelby places her white wrestling boots stepping on Essie’s crotch and screams at her to get up whilst stood on her hair.

Essie is totally outclassed and can only scream in pain as Shelby dissects and dismantles her with arm bars, suspended ceiling hold, stomps, kicks, boston crab and body scissors.

It’s a total masterclass of pain and punishment for Essie who can only scream in pain at the hands of the merciless Shelby.

A final lift and ignominious dump to the mat and Shelby is done, but not before she makes Essie kiss her wrestling boot, humbled and humiliated.

Irish Essie wears a shiny red spandex swimsuit with shiny tights

Shelby Beach wears a shiny black spandex swimsuit with shiny tights and white wrestling boots

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